Each week you’ll tackle a different question that reflects what preteens want to know and need to know.

There’s always Bible exploration and a core Bible truth. And your kids will always put what they’ve learned into action during your meeting time.

Be Bold Curriculum at a Glance

1 Age Level: Grades 4-6

Format: Age-graded Classroom

Scope & Sequence: 2 Years

Length: 30-60 Minutes

BE BOLD helps preteens find acceptance and grow from there.


Move your kids from Acceptance > Asking > Action


Each class opens by reminding kids that they—and their struggles—are accepted and welcome.


Kids explore a tough faith question, diving into the Bible to see what God has to say.


Kids make a difference by completing a service activity tied to what they discussed.

An Environment for Growing Faith.

Preteens need more than a place to ask questions—they need a community.

That’s why BE BOLD is built around the following values:


You’re accepted just as you are.

We respect each other’s thoughts and struggles.

We’re all in this together.

God is here, ready to be your friend because you matter!

We suggest you and your preteens recite this from the Values Poster each week to re-affirm the environment you are creating.

Why Be Bold

BE BOLD is high-touch, not high-tech.

Why: Preteens are inundated with technology but starving for relationship. BE BOLD isn’t about learning from a screen—it’s learning through interaction and exploration. It’s real, simple, and genuine.

BE BOLD is welcoming to questions, not afraid of the unknown.

Why: It takes courage to admit that you have questions about faith—and to learn that questions are a good thing! By creating a safe environment for questions, BE BOLD helps kids draw closer to God.

BE BOLD is discussion, not fill-in-the-blank answers.

Why: Some questions about faith don’t have clear answers. The important thing is to learn how to explore what the Bible DOES say, and come to conclusions through discussion and Bible exploration.

BE BOLD is empathetic, not condescending.

Why: Preteens are at a developmental stage where they see the world has big problems—and faith is more complicated than they thought. Their questioning is what allows preteens to own their faith.

BE BOLD takes preteens seriously and embraces the chance to learn and grow with them.

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