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Submission Deadline

     The deadline for submissions to OFWB Community Magazine are as follows:

January/February issue—November 25th

March/April issue—January 25th

May/June issue—March 25th

July/August issue—May 25th

September/October—July 25th

November/December—September 25th

When the 25th falls on a weekend, the material should be sent on the Friday before.

Article Submission Guidelines

     Articles sent for publication should be sent in either Microsoft Word or Macintosh Pages format. Please do not send files in Microsoft Publisher or WordPerfect. We do not accept camera-ready material without prior approval. All material will be formatted with our in-house guidelines. If submitting full-page, camera-ready PDF ads, they must be sized at 8.75 x 11.25. (Be sure to leave all copy outside of the 1/8 inch (.125) of edges all the way around. Otherwise, it may get cut off in the finishing process.


Photo Submission Guidelines

(We reserve the right to not use any photo that will not reproduce well.)


     Your digital photos are more likely to be included in the publication if the following guidelines are met:

(1) Set digital cameras/smartphones at the highest resolution possible. We realize that it takes longer to e-mail larger files, but print requires a higher resolution than the web.

(2) You may send as many photos as you like. This helps us in deciding which photo(s) will work/look best. We will, generally, only use one or two photos, depending on the length of the articles.

(3) When emailing photos, please send them one photo at a time. This ensures that there will not be any file compression and your photo will e-mail at the largest size. Please do not send photographs within the body of the article. Each photo should be sent in a separate e-mail in JPEG or PNG format. If there is more than one picture, note 1 of ?, 2 of ?, etc. in the subject line.

(4) Large group photos typically do not work well. If taking photos of a group activity, submit several photos of individuals or small groups, and we’ll select the best ones(s) to print.

(5) Get in close—we like to see smiling faces. Only photographs that are close to the subject matter and are in focus reproduce well.

(6) If possible, please include the names of all the people in each photo. Identify from left to right and from front to back.

(7) Non-digital photos can be sent to our office. However, pictures will not be returned unless there is an appropriate self-addressed stamped envelope included!


You may submit either by (1) emailing your article or photo to the Editor or by (2) sending them via mail to the following address:


OFWB Community Magazine

Attn: Editor

3928 Lee Street 

Ayden, NC 28513

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