CHURCH is the primary equipper of parents.
PARENTS are the primary disciplers in the home.

D6 connects the church to home and families to one another. D6 Curriculum is one of the most effective small group and Sunday School curriculums you can find. D6 is based on the principles of Deuteronomy 6:5-9: love God, love His Word, and teach your children to do the same.


D6 Curriculum aligns small group environments at church so the entire family is studying the same theme at the same time. The cool thing is, it doesn’t stop at the church worship experience. This one of a kind discipleship curriculum goes beyond the small group experience and helps parents and grandparents reconnect with kids and teens through the use of devotional study guides, Splink, Home Connection, and other take-home resources that help equip the home.




The family is not always an ideal set of parents and kids all doing what God intended. The Bible shows adapted models of generational discipleship. The often quoted and normal secession of teaching flows from father to son and on to grandson as seen in Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. There is not always a godly father or mother as evidenced in Mordecai teaching his niece Esther. Or Paul mentoring Titus, his adopted son in the faith (Titus 1:4). Notice how Timothy’s faithful mother and grandmother seemed to carry the whole spiritual parental influence. Regardless of your season of life, God can use you to teach someone in your family or sphere of influence by way of friendships and connections.


Preparing the next generation results in preparing the current one. D6 is committed to helping you build believers through church and home. You will discover like thousands of other teachers and churches that the real win occurs when you involve the home in what the church is doing. The fraction 1/168 reminds us that the average student gets only one hour a week in discipleship—we say (as does Scripture), “It’s not enough!” D6 Curriculum gives you solid lessons for teaching your students how to make wise biblical decisions about everyday life. Then it further helps the parents (and grandparents) reinforce your lessons while at home. See how the teaching guides (at church), devotional study guides (at home), and parenting tools (bonus items) help you implement the most comprehensive discipleship strategy.

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