David Morrow

July 30, 2015

     Vince Lombardi. Phil Jackson. Dean Smith. Don Shula. Sparky Anderson. These are the names of great coaches who have led others to great success and supported some individuals through great struggle. Last month’s article shined a spotlight on the common struggle of...

May 21, 2015

     Kevin Berryman, who is the Minister of Youth at Koinonia Christian Center Church in Greenville, NC, recently quoted Bishop Rosie S. O’Neal. She said, “Procrastination is the audacious belief that you will have the chance to do tomorrow what you have the opportunit...

March 26, 2015

     A seminary student was about to graduate. He had earned a Ph.D. in Theology and his dissertation had received rave reviews from his professors as well as others in the theological community. He had offers to teach in a variety of schools around the country. All of...

February 26, 2015

     Conflict in families is inevitable; and conflict will either bring you closer together or slowly tear you apart. “Being ready” for a good fight is a proactive step that will help ensure that your conflict will bring you closer together. A good fight occurs when fa...

January 27, 2015

     In last month’s article, this author addressed the issue of your spouse being like a fruitful vine as recorded in Psalms 128. As a spouse, you are to do everything in your power to provide the environment in which your spouse can grow and become all that God creat...

December 19, 2014

     At the beginning of each New Year, most individuals select specific behaviors that they want to change. However, new habits do not usually translate into long-term behavioral change, unless a person is able to identify why he or she had the unwanted behavior, and...

November 26, 2014

     Some say that the peer pressure that children and teens endure today is much more significant than that faced by generations of the past because the issues seem to be more difficult. It is certainly true that there are more choices available to teens today that ha...

October 29, 2014

     As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday season, it is important to spend more than just Thanksgiving Day thinking about the things for which we are thankful. Often, it is easy to get bogged down in the struggles of life, and not notice the important things. It is...

October 1, 2014

     Have you ever experienced something so difficult that it caused you to question your faith? Maybe it was a loss of a loved one, a divorce that you cannot accept, or a personal tragedy that caused you a great deal of physical, emotional, or spiritual harm. Most ind...

September 1, 2014

     The well-known phrase, which is reflected in the title of this article, is often used to “biblically” justify physical punishment or spankings of children, especially those that are harsh and done in anger. For many, this has included spankings with a switch, padd...

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