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Reach Every Student, Every Age, and Every Day

Since 1989, Echoes has been the chosen curriculum that has taught God’s Word to life, presenting the relevant gospel of Jesus Christ to the African-American church. This curriculum is Christ-centered, theologically sound and has biblically-based lessons for every age, Toddler through Adult.


Features and Benefits

For all ages: toddler to adult

Select by age level or provide one solution for all. Unified themes for Preschool through High School.

Adult follows the Uniform Lesson Series  (ISSL’s 6-year cycle covering all major Bible themes).


Bible-based and theologically sound

Filled with Bible stories and pictures, Bible-based themes, activities, memory verses, and more – all from a

balanced theological perspective.


Spiritual growth for every stage

Developmentally appropriate lessons for each level foster spiritual growth. Lessons are designed for multiple learning styles with built-in flexibility and customizable options.


Easy to prepare and teach

Teachers love the easy to teach, four-step lesson focus. Designed for teaching high-quality, engaging lessons with minimal preparation time and materials.


Focus on real-life application

No matter where students are in their walk with Jesus, Echoes communicates the gospel with life-changing clarity

and motivates them toward life application.

Free weekly downloads through tie into current news stories and topics to take

your upper elementary through adult classes deeper.

For more information or to request a sample,
please contact us at 1.800.849.3927 ext. 1
or email us at


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