The outreach program where kids grow in relationship with God,

each other, and those in need.

FaithWeaver Friends® is the perfect midweek, evening, or anytime program to build faith and friendships. Through prayer, praise, and journaling, kids deepen their friendship with God. By rotating through activity centers in small groups, kids grow in friendship with one another. And through community service projects, kids learn the blessing of being a friend to those in need.

Kids grow their faith through friendships

Small-group "Circles of Friends" help kids build long-lasting relationships with God at the center.

No one will feel out of place or left behind.


Kids own their faith through journaling

FaithWeaver Friends helps you teach kids a weekly Bible verse that applies directly to the Bible Point, and then children get a chance to write or draw those lessons in their journals.


Kids apply their faith through service

FaithWeaver Friends is designed to help your kids learn what outreach is all about by encouraging them to apply each week's Bible passage to their daily lives in ways that make sense to them.


Don't just teach kids about the Bible—Change lives!

FaithWeaver Friends midweek program follows the same 3-year scope and sequence as FaithWeaver NOW® Sunday School

and KidsOwn Worship® children’s church. Churches that use FaithWeaver Friends along with FaithWeaver NOW and/or

KidsOwn Worship will reinforce the same weekly Bible passage in a fun new way! And while these programs work

great together, each one can be used independently.


2 Age Levels: Preschool & Elementary


Scope and Sequence: 3 years


Format: Large Group/Small Group


Length: 30-90+ minutes



A variety of easy-to-prep activities keep kids

and volunteers coming back for more


At FaithWeaver Friends, kids will gather at the Opening Celebration, rotate through Discovery Centers in small groups, reflect on God's Word and apply what they've learned as they write in Faith Journals, and rejoin their friends for the Closing Celebration!



The FaithWeaver Friends difference

By providing meaningful activities, great discussions, and personal challenges, FaithWeaver Friends takes learners past

“head knowledge” of the Bible and into heart- and life-change, weaving faith into their lives.


Here are a few more reasons you'll love FaithWeaver Friends:

One-Point Learning

Each week, you'll introduce kids to a Bible Point as well as a corresponding Bible story and verse during the Opening Celebration. Each Discovery Center reinforces the Bible Point in different ways to cement learning.

Discovery Centers

Not all kids learn the same way, so FaithWeaver Friends offers multiple Discovery Centers to meet the needs of all sorts of learners. And not all teachers and leaders think alike. Because each Discovery Center is different, teachers can volunteer in their areas of expertise.

Faith Journals

Each week everyone writes or draws reflective responses in a faith journal. Circle of Friends leaders read what kids in their Circles have written and jot quick, encouraging comments for the children to discover the next week. Faith journals are spiritual-growth charts and memory-makers.

Easy Supply Gathering

The Director Quarterly Update gives you a planning overview for your entire program, complete with a handy supply chart for every Discovery Center.

Mixed-Age Groups

Because kids travel in combined-age Circles of Friends, big kids and little kids learn to work together. Older children help younger children during activities and games. Younger children motivate older children to be good examples.

Growing Closer to Jesus

Best of all, at FaithWeaver Friends, kids grow in their relationship with Jesus. They learn how to grow closer to the best friend they could ever have—Jesus Christ.

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