April 27, 2015

     An important address for me personally is: 307 East Second Street.


     But the house number has changed in Ayden, North Carolina, now. And there is no longer an “East” or “West” to Second Street. The house at that location belongs to a new family. I hop...

March 26, 2015

     For the past two days, I have developed a new prayer. I have been praying for a softened heart. I have been praying that God would touch me, eliciting a better sense of forgiveness toward anything and everything that might ever upset me on my daily walk.


January 27, 2015

     As I write this column, it is early December, and I am eagerly awaiting Christmas. I think of a Christmas Eve at least 20 years ago when my husband Paul and I sat in the cozy family room of his parents, then in their eighties and enjoying good health. The four of...

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