June 2014 • Morning Star Retreat

The Morning Star Retreat for the weekend of April 25–27, 2014 began on Friday night with Mrs. May Pittman welcoming all and the signature reading of Psalm 121. Praises to the Lord in song were led by Susan Faircloth, music director and Gail Heath, pianist. Fellowship in the way of meeting and greeting new and old friends was held in the cafeteria immediately following opening services. Eight-two were in attendance with 25 being first timers. We hope they will be with us again.

Saturday morning worship began with morning devotion led by Cara Barnes. Our Bible teacher for the weekend was Elaine Swinson, who gave us a bag with all sorts of teaching “tools.” First, we are going on a journey wearing our “thinking hats”. Our journey is to heaven; we will be traveling light (without bags) but bringing our experiences with us (good and bad). We begin our journey with prayer and planning. As we talk with God about our plan, we must be flexible, honest and trustworthy. Always be willing to follow through, even if it means asking for help. But do not ask another to do something you, yourself, are not willing to do. Understand God’s words and ask for guidance when needed. Be fair in your dealings with others; do not be petty and mean-spirited. Give of yourself to the Father with your time and talents. Offer assistance and guidance to others. Be transparent so others see God in all you do and say. Our next gift was a bag of chips as a symbol of “Broken Christians.” Many times as Christians we become complacent and/or just lazy (“somebody/they” will do it). Our broken chips are represented by the feelings of losing our self-worth, thinking we are too old, unwilling to work with others, or simply afraid to try or do new things. Broken Christians will become angry and stay away from the fellowship of the church. They also use other things as excuses for staying away from an active church life; children too noisy, service too loud, etc. Broken Christians need help, guidance, and prayers; especially a second chance. In order to avoid being a broken Christian, you must “be a Christian, not just act like one” (be the Christian God wants you to be). Our third gift was pieces of candy to be used as grave markers. What mark will we leave behind? If we spend our life scattering thorns, no one can follow in our path. A good Christian is someone who constantly tries, but not someone who is perfect. On Saturday night, John gave an update on the “happenings” at Cragmont. The Sunday School lesson was taught by Scarlett Lee. Our Sunday morning worship was given by the Rev. John Williams. As our time on the mountain came to a close, we lifted our hearts in prayer for safe travel, those in need and a thankful heart for the time we had together. Put on your “thinking hat” and look for an uplifting journey ahead, take all your broken chips and put them together again using God’s word and leadership, and last but certainly not least, decide how your tombstone will read.



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