August 2014 • I Am To Be Content

I love my job. I love my coworkers. I love the experience my job is providing. And, I most definitely love my paycheck. However, this position I work now is not the position I aspire to work in as my career. My dream job and position is to be a pastor. In fact, it is so much more than a dream, it is a calling God has placed on my life.

I am sure there is probably someone out there reading this, or who knows someone, who is not working in their dream job or achieved the ultimate calling God has placed on their life. But take heart, I know we are not alone. The Bible gives us instruction. In Philippians 4:11, Paul writes to the people of Philippi telling them that he is content no matter his situation. Now admittedly, Paul was more than likely living his dream job and fulfilling the calling God had placed on his life. In fact, Paul mentions several times in his letters that he loves doing the work of the Lord. Though Paul is speaking of a different earthly scenario about contentment, we can take a message from him since we all find ourselves on the same stage of wanting or desiring something we cannot have or cannot yet reach. For me, it is my career and calling to be a pastor; for you it may be the same, similar, or completely different.

The world is always telling us to chase our dreams and reach for the stars. But, what if our dreams are not the desires God has for us. Throughout my college experience I changed my major and concentration about 20 times—literally. It was not until I realized the plans God has for me that my education really started to come together. I desired to be so many different things that I was not seeing the one thing God desired for me. Once I surrendered to Him, He gave me full clarity.

Now, I am working on my education but still have not reached the position I want and the position I know my God wants for me. What do I do? Give up? Curse God and die? Absolutely not! I find contentment in my situation. God would not have brought me to this job if He did not have something in store for me to do here. There are a multitude of things I can do for God in the position I currently hold. But the number one thing I can do for God is to give Him thanks and honor Him. That’s what this whole ride is about anyway, right?

Just as you, there are days where I long for something I cannot quite have yet. But I have to pray and get my mind right. I always tell myself, “God’s timing, not Andrew’s.” God places us all in certain areas and places for a reason. While this is a time of waiting for me and maybe for you, too, seek God’s will. Ask Him to reveal to you what He would have you do in the place you are in right now. Like I previously said, I love my job. I truly do. But I want to be a pastor and I am not yet there. So while I wait for my opportunity—while I wait for God’s timing—I will make the most of where I am. Find contentment in your situation, no matter the scenario or the stage you play on. You will never be able to honor God while you are sour about where He has currently placed you.



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