September 2014 • Suicide Prevention and Awareness

I am writing this on August 12, 2014. It will be published in the September issue which you currently hold in your hands or are viewing from our website. Yesterday was August 11, 2014. Robin Williams committed suicide yesterday. The Genie, Mrs. Doubtfire, Peter Pan, Mork, Sean Maguire, Alan Parrish, Patch Adams, and so many more of his characters have died. I was absolutely heartbroken yesterday to learn the news of his death. He was a funny man. Hilarious. Fairly clean, sometimes raunchy—but a comedian nonetheless. And now he is dead.

His death, and every suicide I hear of, makes me reflect on friends and family who have taken their own lives. My father committed suicide in 2004. A close friend of my sister’s committed suicide about four years ago. A very influential Christian woman I knew as a child committed suicide about two years ago. A dear friend and pastor’s son committed suicide last year. I am sure there are some whom I may be forgetting, but I think you get the point. Suicide is a real problem and issue in today’s society.

I once struggled with suicidal thoughts and it consumed my life to the point where I was a dark, cold, bitter abyss of the person I once was. Thankfully, God delivered me from the schemes of Satan and his demons; however, the people listed above were not quite so lucky.

Why does suicide happen? What makes my loving father, mentors, role models, and friends commit suicide?


He’s developed a formula. I have no doubt about it. He does his best to make people feel helpless and insignificant. He does his best to throw people into the dark depression where nothing lives and everything dies. He adds all that up and gets his desired result—suicide. There are anomalies though. People like me who overcame.

But that just causes me to think. He’s not the only one who throws people into the abyss. Revelation 20:10 tells us that Satan, his demons, false prophets, and those who have hindered the Kingdom of God will be thrown down into the pits of Hell where they have thrown so many others.

The only reason Satan has convinced people to commit suicide and the only reason he continues to do so is because he knows God has great things in store for them. God has so many big plans to further His kingdom. So many brave, strong, courageous men and women who will do great things through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Think about that.

Usually we don’t know when people are contemplating suicide, not many voice this dark dreary desire, but we can see the signs. Signs of withdrawal, frequent talks of death, talks of being a burden to others, rage, revenge-seeking, irregularly exuberant mood swings, loss of interest in things they once cared for, irregular sleep patterns and behaviors, and many more, just “google” it for more information.

How can we help these people? Comfort them. Pray for them. Talk to them. Don’t let them be alone. Educate them on why life is worth living.

It is a permanent solution for a temporary problem that Christians and non-Christians alike will continue to face. And though some may commit suicide and still go on to be with Christ in Glory, I can only imagine that the majority of these people are lost.

Be set apart by caring and nurturing for those who feel like suicide is their only option. Help them see the good in life and the God in life.

“Life is worth the living just because He lives.”



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