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The Reason for the Season

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Red Christmas Baubles

With November now behind us and December before us we are entering into the season of enjoying family and friend’s get-togethers, celebratory parties, musical cantatas, and we also experience the feeling of “good cheer” as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ—the greatest gift ever presented. And though He was not wrapped in shiny or themed paper with a bow attached but rather in tattered clothes, He was/is a gift for us all. He was laid in a manger—which was a food trough for the animals—as an infant baby, to one day grow up to the age of only 33 and be killed on an old rugged cross that we might have forgiveness of sins if we accept it and live by His standards.

This is the Christmas story. And yet so much has been stolen from the true spirit of the season. Many people celebrate Christmas and are not aware of the true reason for the season. They idolize and celebrate the holly, snowmen, reindeer, Santa Claus, and other symbols that have become the idols of Christmas. I, too, enjoy these symbols, but I am glad and take heart in knowing that the true meaning of this time of year is Jesus Christ—the one true Christmas symbol!

It seems that so many have snuffed out the meaning of the season we are entering into. For instance, I came across recent news of a school district in the state of Maryland dismissing Christmas from the school calendar in the name of political correctness for those who practice other religious traditions. Instead of defending its stance on the traditions of Christmas, the school district decided to dismiss Christmas and rename their end-of-calendar-year break, “Winter Break.” And this phenomenon has slowly been creeping throughout the nation, even affecting some schools here in Eastern North Carolina. And, while you may say, “Yeah, but thats America. We have freedom of religion here.” Friends, our great nation was founded on Judeo-Christian, biblical values, and Christmas is one of those values.

My simple prayer is that, as Christians, we may never lose focus on Christ, OUR reason for the season, and that we may be the examples to the world of what Christmas really is. Take joy during the Christmas season for the right reasons, and recognize that it is not an ordinary holiday. For if not for Christmas, we would have no salvation, and therefore, no way to Heaven.

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