"Mind Your Own Denomination"

It amazes me how God’s people within other denominations enjoy attacking one another. Sure there are differences in opinion and custom on certain issues such as the present-day existence of spiritual gifts or perseverance of the saints, but is that any reason to attack one another?

Regardless of our denominations, one thing draws us together—the cross! Jesus died for all of us and for anyone who wants to know Him as their personal Savior; we are brothers and sisters in Him. The body of Christ is the universal church, not one particular church or denomination as some might like to believe. Denominations are not a market place where we try to sell Jesus by saying we are completely right and we are the true followers of Christ. Denominational membership is a choice every person must make based on personal convictions and how they can best serve the Lord. As for me, I am Original Free Will Baptist by choice, but I am first and foremost a Christian saved by the blood of Jesus! No one owns the rights to Jesus. He did not die for one denomination but for all who will come to repentance! It is about accepting Christ as your savior from death, Hell, and sin.

Now, who can criticize that? You would be surprised! There are those who agree with my point on salvation but argue over the denomination I have chosen to serve. It is sad, though, that they must run my denomination into the ground to make themselves feel better about theirs. I am sure we have heard of or experienced another person running us or someone else into the ground, and for the most part they do it because they lack confidence in their own choices and themselves.

Let’s remember folks, our enemy is not those in other true Christian denominations, but the devil. And keep in mind, he uses tactics such as false prophets preaching false doctrines to hurt the true Christian denominations. And there is no doubt that he is probably getting a good laugh watching Christians bicker with other Christians and running one another down. Why is he laughing? Because he knows no lost person is going to be attracted to the Lord if His children can’t get it together.

So let us answer the call He has laid before us: being His children—regardless of denomination—and stop shooting each other with friendly, and unfriendly, fire.

Barry Stallings

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