Beyond Your Surroundings

Looking into the Scripture verses of Matthew 14:22–33, Mark 6:45–52, and John 6:16–21, I think people often miss the point that is being presented. All three accounts are practically the same. Jesus tells His disciples to get in the boat and begin to travel across the waters and He will catch up with them shortly after some time in prayer. They were a good distance from land and a storm had begun to brew when Jesus decided to head out onto the water, not with a boat but with His feet. Jesus walked across the water. Mark 6:48 tells us that He wasn’t walking towards the disciples, He was intending to walk past them. More than likely He was using this moment to teach the disciples about His power and glory, as God did with Moses in Exodus 33 and 34. Now, the disciples were experienced fishermen who more than likely knew everything about fishing and the waters upon which they traveled. They also probably knew how to weather a storm, for it was not uncommon for the Sea of Galilee to experience heavy storms.

But, what I find interesting about this passage of Scripture is that nowhere does it actually say that the disciples were afraid of the storm that was coming upon them. Nope, not one instance indicates they were fearful of the natural elements that surrounded them. However, they were still afraid of something; if not the waters and the storm then what struck up fear within them? They were afraid of Jesus and what He was doing. Actually, they didn’t know it was Jesus, they thought they were seeing a ghost. As Jesus drew closer He called out to them and they recognized Him.

This got me thinking.

How many times in our lives do we do what God has called us to do, but we still become afraid because we do not know what He is doing? The disciples were familiar with their surroundings, they knew how to handle the natural situation that was upon them. I am familiar with my natural surroundings, but sometimes things begin to happen and I become afraid of the supernatural that begins to surround me. Not knowing that it is possibly part of God’s plan. I do not recognize what He is doing in my life. I begin to call out to the things happening claiming they are something they are not much like the disciples start calling Jesus a ghost. I might think Satan is stirring something up because I don’t see how it could be from God simply because I don’t want that certain something to happen. Or, I might use words like “coincidence,” “accident,” “bad luck,” or even some others when actually, it is God.

Sometimes He does things we do not understand. Sometimes we are comfortable and familiar with where we are in life when it all begins to change. Or, maybe we are uncomfortable and God wants change, but we fight tooth and nail to have things go our way during this change.

I think God is a God who likes to shake things up a bit. I pray that when He does this to me again, I remember the story of Christ walking on water. I pray that I try to look beyond my surrounds to find out if this is a humbling God-thing or a selfish Andrew-thing.



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