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Love: What is it?

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

In last month’s article, this author addressed the issue of your spouse being like a fruitful vine as recorded in Psalms 128. As a spouse, you are to do everything in your power to provide the environment in which your spouse can grow and become all that God created that person to become. So, the question surfaces: How does one do that? In the Greek language of the New Testament, there are four words that are simply translated “love” into the English language. However, there is power in separating these words so that the meaning and understanding of each word is clear.

Most people are familiar with the word agape. It means unconditional love and God is the ultimate source of agape love. The second word, which is translated love, is philos. This is the word from which the English word “Philadelphia” originates. It means brotherly or friendship type of love. Both of these words are used in the New Testament. Although the final two words do not appear in the New Testament, their focus is important. Eros is erotic love or physically intimate love. Storge’ is family love. Take a moment to notice that the marital relationship is the only relationship in which all four types of love are appropriately expressed.

When it comes to loving your spouse with your own power, it will never be enough. The only way to ensure that you love your spouse in a way that lasts a lifetime is for that love to be connected to the Source of lasting love. If you allow God’s unconditional love to flow through you, then your “Mustard Seed Love” is tapped into the ultimate source of strength. As we approach Valentines Day, can you focus on being a servant to your spouse? Love your spouse with all four types of love, and allow God’s love for your spouse to flow through you.


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