Genesis: The Book of Beginnings

Genesis: The Book of Beginnings


In order to understand the present, you must examine the past. And in order to successfully explore the past, you must go back to the beginning, and not just any beginning--the beginning of it all. Author Danny K. Hill realized this, and out of this recognition, a book was born. Genesis: The Book of Beginnings, is an in-depth look at the ultimate book of beginnings--Genesis. Told partly as a story and partly as a verse-by-verse study, Danny takes the reader on a deep dive through this foundational book of the Bible, providing a goldmine of information that can be used both in ministry and in personal study. Developed out of many volumes of material created over a forty-five-year pastoral tenure, Danny combines Scripture with insightful commentary, explaining concepts in a way that is easy for readers to understand, regardless of their background knowledge of the material. He includes a gospel message relating to the text on nearly every page, as well as doctrine crucial to Christianity and practical information on how to master the works of Satan, the flesh, and the world each day. If you're ready to embark on a comprehensive study of Genesis, the foundation of our faith, then this book is for you. Come along on the journey, and you will walk away equipped to share what you've learned with others and implement it in your own daily life.


Available in Hardcover or Softcover

438 pages


Author Bio

Danny K. Hill is a seasoned pastor, now semi-retired. He is a former missionary to the Republic of Ireland staying nine years, and a professor for three years at Clarksville Theological Seminary, with over forty-five years experience in the ministry. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Bible, a Master's in Religious Education, and a Doctorate in Theology. He has preached the Gospel in many foreign countries and several states in the USA. Danny and his wife Brenda reside in Eastern North Carolina with their three living children and four grandchildren.