L.I.F.E. Ministries: A Biblical Approach to Overcoming Addictions

L.I.F.E. Ministries: A Biblical Approach to Overcoming Addictions

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This is a forty lesson Christ-centered addiction recovery workbook based upon the Truth of the Bible. The author draws from personal experience of how he has found healing and deliverance from drug and alcohol addiction through a personal relationship with God. While reflecting upon his own recovery, the author draws from the scriptures teaching us biblically what God says about our addictions and how we can overcome them in the power of God. God tells us that an addiction, in whatever form it may take, is idolatry. We become controlled by someone or something other than God. We were never created to live our lives for anyone other than God. When we look to God in faith, dealing with our false gods and casting those idols down, we can experience a power we have never known before. A power to save, heal, and deliver. If you are ready to stop listening to the voices around you and to begin renewing your mind with what God says is true, this workbook can be a tool leading to your deliverance and healing. Throughout the pages of this book are the life-transforming testimonies of others, just like you, who have taken this journey and are forever changed.


Paperback/256 pages


Author Bio

Pastor Michael Dixon is originally from Washington, NC. He is married and is blessed with three daughters and two grandchildren. He serves as Pastor of Winterville Baptist Church in Winterville, NC. Pastor Dixon is a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist-A and founder and president of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit LIFE Ministries, a Christ centered addiction recovery program. He also hosts the podcast "Casting Down Idols" on iTunes and other podcast hosts. He holds an earned MDIV/CO. It's all about Jesus!