Tee's Chapel OFWB Church Is Seeking An Associate Pastor

I.    Principle Function

The Associate Pastor shall be responsible for working with various ministry groups in planning, promoting, and following to completion, activities to support and build comprehensive Christ-centered ministries within the church. In carrying out these functions, the Associate Pastor reports directly to the Pastor and Deacon Board. The duties and functions are subject to change as needed. Such changes will be made upon mutual agreement of the Associate Pastor and the appropriate ministry groups.


II.    Expectations

  1. Developing and planning for all age ministry groups – children, youth, young adults, senior adults, and others as needed.

  2. Attend and report at quarterly church business meetings:  activities, achievements, and needs of all programs.

  3. Participate in schools, outreach, and visitations as related to each ministry group.

  4. Work with ministry groups in planning the following:

    1. Various activities and curriculum for all age groups to promote outreach, fellowship, discipleship, and evangelism

    2. Special and/or seasonal events (i.e. trips, retreats, Bible studies, Wednesday night youth ministry, Children’s Church, Vacation Bible School, etc.)

  5. Develop and administer a process for follow-up with church visitors, and those who are recently saved or baptized.

  6. Accompany ministry groups, whenever possible, on church-related trips and activities.

  7. Attend all services that are not in conflict with planned ministry activities.

  8. Assist the preacher when needed.

  9. Other duties as assigned.


III.    Working Conditions

  1. Provided with appropriate technology for work.

  2. Provided with adequate office space at the church.

  3. Provided with access to an office phone and a cell phone.

IV.    Professional Qualifications

  1. Must be conservative biblically. (Adhere to the inerrancy, infallibility, and inspiration of the Word of God)

  2. Must be a Christian who follows the OFWB denomination's “Articles of Faith and Principles of Church Government for Original Free Will Baptists.”

  3. Must dress in a neat, clean, professional, and appropriate manner for all activities.

  4. Must have a strong work ethic and an attitude of flexibility and adaptability.

  5. Must have developing leadership skills and good communication skills.

  6. Must be a person of integrity and be equipped to exercise discretion in all matters.


V.     Professional Qualifications

Bachelor's degree in ministry is preferred, but not required.

VI.    Accountability

All responsibilities are to be supervised by the Pastor and Deacon Board. All questions concerning duties or other job-related responsibilities should be directed to the Pastor and/or Deacon Board. 


VII.   Job Specifics

  1. Criminal background check / Reference checks / Social Media review

  2. Reports to Tee’s Chapel Free Will Baptist Church

  3. Works a minimum of 40 hours per week (Sunday to Saturday)

  4. Evaluation will be administered within 3 months of the start date.

  5. The position shall not be terminated by Tee’s Chapel FWB or by the Associate Pastor without a 60-day written notice unless agreed upon by both parties.

  6. If an incident occurs that goes against the OFWB doctrine, swift and immediate dismissal will occur.


VIII.    Compensation

  1. Salary – TBA (Experience-based)

  2. Benefits – Health Insurance

  3. Car stipend OR Travel allowance ($0.60/mile)

  4. Phone allowance ($50 per month stipend)

Ministry Groups

Children’s Ministry (ages up to 5th grade)

Youth Ministry (ages from 6th grade and up)

Young Adults Ministry (ages 20–30)

Senior Adults Ministry (ages 60? and up)

Others as needed

All applicants are requested to mail a hard copy of their resume to:

Tee’s Chapel FWB Church

c/o Angie Jacobs

6439 Brogden Road

Smithfield, NC 27577

Applicants can also email resumes to the following:

Angie Jacobs – Associate Pastor Search Committee, Chair




Kenny Woodard – Chairman, Deacon Board




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