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Raising the Bar

Taking "Missions, Devotions, and Service" To A Higher Level

As we strive to review what we, as an organization, accomplished this year, think about the following questions completing the blanks that follow. Let's see if we are "Raising the Bar" to the glory of our Lord and for His kingdom individually and as a group. (Those participating will be recognized.) 

Think about the following:

  • Where are your women serving?

  • How have your women been uplifted spiritually this year?

  • What have your women accomplished this year to grow the Kingdom of God?

  • Have you seen new energy emerge in new activities? What were they; how did this change your women?

  • Why not share with others your adventures, your activities, your fun, your opportunities, your spiritual growth, your leadership, etc. on your "Journey" as a group this past year?

Share your work and excitement

I. Meetings

A. Did you convene 12 meetings per year using Devotion for at least 10?
B. Did you conduct/lead Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas services?

II. Conventions

Did you attend Fall and Spring District Meetings and the Annual Convention?

III. Publications/Communications

Is the OFWB Community Magazine (information on all OFWB Ministries) received by at least 3/4 of the members through your woman's group, the Church Bundle Plan, their home, or online?

IV. Giving

A. Did you send $1 per member to District Treasurer?
B. Did you contribute to all Christian Service Project Goals (listed in the program book) and mail to District Treasurer?
C. Did you mail Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter Offerings to the District Treasurer?
D. Did you mail the District registration form to District Treasurer?
E. Did you mail Convention registration to Woman's Auxiliary Convention Treasurer?

V. Activities Completed By Your Women

Cross & Crown (Free Will Baptist Press)

Convention of OFWB

FWB Children's Home

Christian Education (Sunday School)

OFWB International (Foreign Missions)

University of Mount Olive

Church Finance Association

Cragmont Assembly

Minister's Program

Church Planting & Renewal (Home Missions)

OFWB Retirement Homes

OFWB Youth Ministry

This information is for the calendar year (January 1–December 31) and is to be submitted to the Woman's Auxiliary Convention Vice President before March 1.

Thank you for sharing what your women have done to Raise the Bar in your church, your community, and around the world taking "Missions, Devotion, and Service to a higher level.

Approved May 10, 2018  |  Executive Committee

Thank you for your submission!

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