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Lessons for today. Faith for a lifetime.



Each week, across all age levels, Bible-in-Life students focus on these four areas:

Connecting with each other and with God’s Word

Studying God’s Word together

Interacting with God’s Word to find key themes and takeaways

Responding to God’s Word by applying it to life



Bible-in-Life lets you build a comprehensive ministry program that fits your budget and your church. No matter where

students are in their walk with Jesus, Bible-In-Life communicates the gospel with life-changing clarity, inspiring people

of all ages to know God and make Him known.

From vibrant graphics to fresh content, Bible-in-Life delivers Biblically trustworthy content that

encourages life application for kids, teens and adults alike.

Unified scope & sequence with three themes per quarter (Preschool–Early Elementary, and Elementary–High School)

Adult curriculum follows ISSL (International Sunday School Lectionary, a 6-year scope & sequence cycle).

All new content every quarter.

NEW lesson videos (Preschool–Upper Elementary) support monthly themes.

Encourages life application throughout the week.

Digital take-home resources for students and families.

Flexible and affordable for your church budget.

At-home study and devotional resources for students.

Free access to, an online resource with weekly additional content that uses current events to help connect social issues with the Bible, and then make life applications (Upper Elementary–Adult).

Biblically trustworthy, covering basic Christian doctrines without taking specific denominational positions.

For more information or to request a sample,
please contact us at 1.800.849.3927 ext. 1
or email us at


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