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CrossWise Quarterly

Navigation Through Faith & Life

CrossWise Quarterly

A Biblically-based curriculum that teaches Christ-centered wisdom that crosses all time, cultures, and generations to transform the individual, the family, their place of business, and their place of worship.
We believe the Cross teaches Discipleship.

The Scripture teaches that if anyone wishes to follow Christ, he must deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Jesus. The life of Jesus and the teachings of inspired scripture are profitable for the sound doctrine that leads the believer to a deeper relationship with God and transforms his or her ability to live out their faith in significant ways.

We believe the Cross teaches Truth.

Absolute Truth is true for all people, in all places, for all time. CrossWise Curriculum puts solid Biblical commentary in the hands of students and leaders to help readers rightly divide the Word of God independently at home and collectively as a class.

The leader’s guide helps facilitators lead a discussion, quiet introspection, and effective communication of Biblical Truth to participants.

We believe the Cross teaches Salvation.
CrossWise Curriculum places the Gospel Message of Salvation at the center of its mission and purpose. Each lesson is compiled to help the leader and participant clearly understand the Gospel and how to take it into the World.

CrossWise Curriculum takes the Bible seriously—intending to be authentic in its interpretation and empathetic in its application. Each lesson includes solid Biblical commentary backed by mainline scholarship in the field of Biblical Study accessible to leaders and participants. The Leader’s Guide includes learning objectives, discussion questions, presentation notes, and select “teacher features” to aid in executing the lesson.

CrossWise Curriculum at-a-Glance
Age Level: All Adult Ages
Format: Age-Graded or Socially-Graded Classrooms
Scope & Sequence: 6 Years; Based on the International Sunday School Lessons (Uniform Series)
Length: 30–60 Minutes

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