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Woman's Auxiliary
 Our Emblem

The emblem of the Woman's Auxiliary reminds us of the threefold purpose: MISSIONS, DEVOTION, and SERVICE.

The predominant emphasis is MISSIONS; therefore, it is the foundation.


The triangle offers a twofold symbolism:
1. It represents the Holy Trinity, and
2. It suggests that the Great Commission to evangelize the world leads to personal devotion and resultant service. Moreover, we see that devotion holds the right side of the triangle while service holds the left side. This suggests the need of spiritual equipment before any attempt is made to do personal service. Notice, too, that the points of the triangle are rounded. This suggests the flow of each of the lateral qualities into the other, thus creating a perpetual association of the three.

The circle with the words, “Woman’s Auxiliary” suggests the unbroken unity in service for the Master for which our women strive.


The globe is the world, which is our parish.


The cross with its message of redemption is superimposed upon the globe and suggests that our main purpose is the giving of the gospel to all people.


The colors of the Woman’s Auxiliary are silver, royal blue, and Carolina blue. Silver suggests the genuine quality of our threefold purpose. Royal blue reminds us that we are constantly in the service of the King. Carolina blue, like the blue sky above, speaks to us of the unlimited horizons in the scope of our Christian endeavors.


Watchword: “I can do all things through Christ.” (Philippians 4:13)


Purpose: “Women working together in Christian Service”


Hymn: “In the Service of the King”

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