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A Greater Creator

Updated: Sep 18, 2020


It amazes me how many millions of people around the world today seem to be so smart yet they try and do their best to deny the existence of God. Just think about the cardiovascular system. I wonder if these non-believers have ever stopped to think about the blood we have running through our veins in order to keep our bodies moving, and how it got there? Do they reason, in their evolutionist thinking, that we have a heart that pumps blood throughout our bodies due to an immaculate explosion of spontaneity?

The answer to creation is relatively simple. In order for something to be created there had to be a creator.

For instance, when we decided to expand our facilities at The Grove, we did not take a hammer and nails and start banging anywhere we wanted. There had to be plans made and thought put into it, just as I am sure God put thought into how He would create mankind and how it was that He would be able to sustain life on Earth before or during the time He spoke it into existence (Genesis 1).

Though this may sound simple, consider the concept of the law of gravity. God did not intend for Adam and Eve to float and drift around in the atmosphere or outer space, He needed them to have their feet upon solid ground; therefore, he created gravity and planted them on Earth (Genesis 2:8).

I feel as though sometimes we tend to dwell on the smaller aspects of creation and forget about the larger aspects, such as the cardiovascular system and law of gravity.

One songwriter once wrote: “And if He hung the moon, I know He can help you!” Amen! The moon is there for a purpose; God put it there for His reasons.

In the song My Redeemer Lives, one stanza says “…and who told the ocean, you can only go this far.”

Throughout every place in God’s Word He shows His power over nature—not the other way around. So with that said, we know as Christians there is work to be done because of those who would do their best to exalt evolution over a greater God. Evolution does not plan nor create; only our heavenly Father can do that.

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