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Why I Loathe the Holidays

Updated: Sep 19, 2020


When Thanksgiving rolls around are you one of those that begin to look forward to the Christmas season, or are you one of whose who say, “Oh my, here we go again?” As for me, my answer goes both ways. I say this because I do look forward to enjoying the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons as it brings the spirit of love and giving such as when God sent his Son, Jesus Christ, to Earth and laid Him in a manger all those many years ago for us. But at the same time, I loathe Black Friday and other “Christmas Super Specials” at department stores and malls that stay open late additional hours on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve so people can get that last minute shopping done. For instance, this year’s Black Friday became a two to three day spectacle turning Thanksgiving Day into ‘Black Thursday’ in order for shoppers to get a jumpstart on money saving shopping by spending more money!

Why is it that the Spirit of Christmas blesses my heart for the season to come, but I also dread shopping extravaganzas that encroach on our holidays? Because I question as a Christian whether or not these people who host and shop at these events really know why we are celebrating Christmas? It is the Lord’s birthday and it breaks my heart to see how some celebrate Christmas and do not even realize why they celebrate it. Many have parties throughout this season and yet never invite the One who’s birthday they are celebrating to the parties they have. Some have parties where they “live it up” with alcohol and other substances but never think twice that if it were not for Jesus there would be no Christmas to celebrate.

May God bless you all as we celebrate Jesus on His birthday, and when we join with our families may we make sure He is there at the Christmas dinner table with us and that we remember Him during the time of gift giving by giving Him thanks, prayer, and praise for all He has done!

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