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Girls Gone God

Camp Vandemere was the location of another great work for our Woman’s Retreat from June 6–9, 2022. We had a wonderful group of campers each day. Our Bible study was led by Mrs. Linda Herring of White Oak Grove FWB Church of LaGrange, NC each morning. Our theme for the week was “Girls Gone God,” based on Psalm 63:1–4. On Wednesday afternoon we used the Wintergreen Church bus and went on the Minnesott Beach Ferry to Otway, where Kay Daugherty planned a trip to Core Sound Waterfowl Museum, and then we had a shopping excursion.

Each night we had visitors from several churches and guest speakers to bring our evening messages. On Monday night, the Rev. Grady Simpson was scheduled to speak, but due to illness he was not able to be there. His church and choir came, however, and we asked Linda Herring to speak in his place. We sure appreciate Sound View Choir for the beautiful music.

Tuesday night we had the Rev. Reese Blanchett of Fort Barnwell Missionary Baptist Church. Wednesday night the message was brought by Mr. Bobby Owens of Memorial FWB Church. On the last night our worship service was conducted by the Rev. Mike Scott of Juniper Chapel FWB Church. The Juniper Five were scheduled to sing, but only Angie Toler was able to be there.

We had a short scripture and blessing each morning by Melinda Pridgen. Richard, the Camp Director, and his staff were very helpful to our ladies in getting their things up the stairs and into the dormitory, since the elevator had yet to be installed. On Thursday afternoon when we were packing to leave that night, they again assisted the ladies. The Rev. Ronnie Taylor provided an electric wheelchair for those ladies with mobility issues and could not walk up the ramp.

We want to thank Sandy and the kitchen staff for the great meals and wonderful homemade desserts they provided, and for making our Thursday night Banquet so special. We also want to give a heartfelt thanks to all who helped to make our Woman’s Retreat a great success, including Joan Faulkner (photographer), Linda Webber (pianist), and Joy Guthrie (music director). We also want to thank Kay Daugherty for buying our beautiful shirts.

Submitted by Stumpy Quinn and Judith Kennedy

Camp Co-Directors

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