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In His Time

The Bible speaks to us but the Psalms speak for us.

The Bible speaks of times when God chose to be silent to an individual or group as a whole. David cried out to Him for help with no answer (Psalm 22:2). Then there was Job, who must have felt the Lord had abandoned him. We don't always hear from the Lord when we expect to. There are many reasons for God's silence. Maybe He wants our attention. He may be teaching us to trust Him more. We may have unconfessed sin in our lives. He may be reminding us that He is in charge. Whatever the situation, we can be certain of one thing: God's quietness is always for our good. Now for me, that is hard to do but just continue to listen for that still small voice. God will answer in His own timing.

Do not let the stresses of the day steal your Psalm.

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