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Not Just Monday

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Burst of Light

This has been quite an exhilarating year thus far. Ava turned 2, Christie and I have hit the 4 year marriage mark, and we have all embarked on a new journey.

I will not go any further without first thanking God for the experiences and people that have been in our lives. We would not be where we are without you. That goes for the friends and the enemies. To each, thank you.

Christie and I were recently discussing how incredibly unbelievable it is that so much has occurred in our lives and we are still no where near 30. Graduating college, getting married, having a child, owning a home, pastoring a church (now 2), and everything else that I won’t mention now. It’s amazing.

I cannot express thoroughly in this blog how blessed I feel we are. Blessed in terms of love, support, friendship, those sorts of things. Not material.

With all that has happened, today marks a new chapter. I am thankful for God’s moving in our lives to bring us to this point. “It’s just Monday,” you may say. Not for me. Not for Christie. Not for Ava. Not for Saint Mary’s FWB. Today is not just Monday. Months of prayer have led to today. Grace and love have led to today. God’s leading has led to today.

Whoa, Nick aren’t you a little hyped up about this? Yes. Yes I am.

Someone once told me I shouldn’t yell so loud during Carolina basketball games. They told me I shouldn’t go insane when a foul isn’t called. They told me I shouldn’t walk outside and sit there in silence for 30 minutes when the Heels lose. There is a reason for all that: Passion.

One day I decided to keep that passion, but distribute it elsewhere. I love people. I love seeing God move in people’s lives. I love seeing someone care for others when they are hurting. I love driving in my truck listening to KB and Lecrae’s song “Church Clap” and watching Ava clap and dance because she is so filled with joy. This all fuels my passion for what matters in life the most.

I have held back some in my life when it comes to applying that passion to the things in life that really matter. Yesterday was the end of that.

Today is the day I let God use me the way he intended, all the time. To be who I was created to be, all the time. I invite you to do the same. Let’s live this life to the fullest, together.

I look forward to the future. I know that if we all do what God wants us to do, to be the people God has created us to be, this life will be no other word than awesome.

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