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Leap of Faith

Updated: Sep 18, 2020


For we walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7).

One morning at about 6:30, I found myself outside in my housecoat standing atop a kitchen barstool attempting to coax my kitten, Sophie, out of a dogwood tree. Thank the good Lord she was on a lower limb, but she was crying and scared. Standing atop the stool, I could almost reach her; I wanted her to simply jump into my arms, which she—of course—would not do!

I know she did not understood what I wanted her to do, as she moved farther out on the limb instead—a very tiny, thin part of the limb, I might add. Eventually, I was able to pull the limb down enough to grab hold of her.

Her unwillingness to take that leap of faith made me think about faith a little. As I stood there praying no one would ride by and see me, I thought how hard it would have been to just let yourself fall like that, hoping someone really would catch you.

Faith takes a lot of courage. Trusting your present life and future life to God, when you cannot see what is coming, is a daring leap of faith—especially if it is not your desire or will. On the other hand, concluding that your life is about you and what you desire and your will is even more daring, you would have to rule out the possibility of being created for a purpose and defy the concept of trusting God. But of course, even those who do not acknowledge God understand they have to take leaps of faith—they are just unaware that this faith should be grounded in God.

“So what is the point then,” you maybe asking, “I guess no matter how we live, we are going to have to take great leaps of faith?” Yes, but how wonderful it is to leap into the waiting arms of the One who made you, knows you, loves you, and has purpose for your life.

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