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Today is the Day!

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Today is the Day!

Waking up this morning you received the letter grade ‘A’ on surviving yesterday. You passed the test and, thanks to God, you have another day to live. Many people know exactly how they “plan” to live out and spend their day. While others have not given a moment’s thought as to what to do or how live out the day.

I’m am an early bird and morning person in a family of night owls, so while on beach vacations I would take an early morning walk on the beach while my family slept. I remember enjoying many things in God’s creation on my walks—the fresh air, the ocean, the shells, the waves, the tide, the birds, and the greetings shared with a few other early birds. On one particular walk, I decided to walk out onto a fishing pier. Above the entrance of the pier was a large sign that read, “You should have been here yesterday.” That struck me as strange until I realized the advertisement ploy underlying in the text. “You should have been here yesterday,” was meant to make people wish they had been there a day earlier because the fish were ‘really biting then’. In other words, “yesterday" was a good day to fish according to the sign. As I left the pier, I saw another large jeering sign that read, “Come back. They'll bite tomorrow.”

I was amused as the full reality of the advertisement sunk in. For all the fishermen who came and spent their time and money and still did not catch all the fish they wanted—there was the promise of “tomorrow.” Tomorrow would be better than today.

That is the way many people spend their lives, either wishing for yesterday or hoping for tomorrow. Sadly, they seldom really enjoy today.

Today is all we have right now, and might be all we have left. We need to make the most of it. The VOICE translation of the Bible says, “This is the day the eternal God has made; let us celebrate and be happy today” (Psalm 118:24). Do not waste your time today grieving for yesterday, for It is gone and will never return. Likewise do not waste today hoping for or fretting for tomorrow because of earthly things. You cannot live tomorrow today.

If you are reading this, God has given you another day. Surely there may be difficulties in your life, but you are alive. Enjoy life today.

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