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2024 Morning Star Retreat

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On Friday, April 5, 2024, more than 111 women and a few men and children from more than 27 Churches arrived at Cragmont for the 2024 Woman’s Auxiliary Morning Star Retreat. The theme for the first three sessions led by Sande Brown was “Who Am I?”. We were challenged to begin a journey of self-discovery by asking ourselves a series of questions. The answers to these questions should help us better understand ourselves and God’s purpose for us. Some of these questions were:

Retreat Speaker
  • What is my purpose in life?

  • What drains my energy and stresses me out?

  • What things are most important to me in my life?

  • What people are most important to me in my life?

  • What brings me joy?

  • What do I respect about myself?

  • What am I good at? Has God given me talents?

Sande gave her own testimony and led us to identify our personal testimony by answering these questions and how to share it with others for God’s glory. Several others shared their testimonies of healing and other miracles.

Lindsay Corbett Stone of “Gospel Glitter” led the final session on Saturday evening by giving her testimony and the story behind the “Gospel Glitter” movement. She challenged us to look at the dark areas in our lives and how God can help us overcome the darkness and lead us to be a light for others. During this last session, the offering of $2,417 was collected and designated to be applied to renovations in the Main Building at Cragmont.

Finally, on Sunday morning, Matthew Daughtry-Grubbs, Cragmont Director, shared the history of Cragmont and Morning Star. He also shared the plans to renovate the rooms in the Main Building over the next year. He asked us to do three things to support Cragmont: Pray, Visit, and Give.

SAVE THE DATE: The 2025 Morning Star Retreat is April 25–27. Please plan to join us!

—Connie Barton, Powhatan OFWB Church, Clayton, NC

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