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Spring Service Saturday at Cragmont

We are so thankful for God's provision during our annual Spring Service Saturday. This year we were blessed with over 80 volunteers, both local and our OFWB churches, who came out to help us accomplish... 


• Sprucing up the flower bed  

• Adding steps down to the fire pit  

• Replacing the fire pit seating  

• Updating the volleyball court  

• Staining and replacing wood throughout campus  

• Adding a brand-new sling shot range  

• New disc golf tee boxes  

• Creating a prayer labyrinth 



YOU helped make our Giving Day a HUGE success. Thank you! 

Why people gave?

“I give to Cragmont because Cragmont first gave to me.”  

“Cragmont gives me a place to unplug when I need it.”  

“It gives me a place of community to build lasting friendships.”  

“Cragmont offers me a space to connect with nature and my Lord.”  

“Cragmont gives me a place to worship and listen to the Spirit.”  

“God uses Cragmont as a kingdom-building place and I give to Cragmont so that it will continue to be a Kingdom-building place for future generations.” 

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