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Trinity Church: 50 Years of Blessings

On the Lord’s Day, Sunday night, May 12, 1974, a congregation of concerned people gathered at the Clayton Civitan Building, Clayton, NC, hoping to organize a church for our Lord’s glory. After much discussion, the name “Trinity” was voted and passed on as the new Church’s name. The Reverend Melvin Moore became Trinity’s first official pastor but didn’t stay long. Most people associate the Reverend Lloyd Hargis as the first pastor, considering he led the efforts of building the Church.

Many prayers were lifted up to the Lord for a place to begin building a Church. Those prayers were answered on May 29, 1974, when Percy and Olia Jones donated the land on which to build (see the picture attached with the elderly couple and Lloyd Hargis).

As with many Churches, we have seen our share of ups and downs over the past 50 years, but our congregation forever remains faithful and true to the calling placed on us. We remain to this day a conservative, Bible-preaching Church!

We celebrated our 50-year celebration with an extraordinary, Holy Spirit-filled three-night revival. All were leading up to our 50-year homecoming service that will be held on May 19, 2024. The Reverend Lloyd Hargis was the guest speaker. 

List of events:

  • Monday, May 12—The Reverend Barry Stallings preached on how we should examine our hearts. Are we where we need to be for Christ? (Special singing was by Craig and Linda Edgerton.)

  • Tuesday, May 13—Dr. Norman Gordon preached on how we need to remember what the Lord has done, is doing, and will do for us. (Special singing was by Steve Jones.)

  • Wednesday, May 14—The Reverend Stanley Kirby preached about the Church at Ephesus. They were doing great things, but the Lord still had something against them. They had lost their first love. (Special singing was by Tabetha Justice.)

—Submitted by The Rev. Buford Longwith

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